Mail in Stereo Repair

You don't have to live near Just Audio Repair Center to use our professional stereo repair services. Ship to us from anywhere in the continental United States!

Repair by mail

Not from the area? You can mail your unit in to our repair center with our stereo repair by mail service! Below are instructions on how you will proceed when sending in a unit for repair.


1. Be sure to package your item properly. If you don't have the original box and packaging, we suggest at least 4 inches of bubble wrap around the unit, and a heavy duty box. We recommend shipping the repair by mail unit via FedEx.

2. You can include a check for the diagnostic fee $60 or once we receive the unit we will contact you for diagnostic fee payment via Visa/Mastercard. This fee is applied towards your repair costs but is non-refundable and covers the technicians time to evaluate your equipment.

3. Fill out our Mail In Audio Repair Form

Mail-In Repair Form