We now offer a 10% discount on your purchase with your any donation of working or non-working equipment! No need to wait for a repair! Come in with a broken unit and leave with a working one! *Some sale items or exclusions may apply. 10% OFF maximum discount of $50.

Example: Bring your broken cassette deck in and trade it for 10% off a cassette deck with warranty!

Just Audio features a full size HiFi Store with a great selection of New & Vintage Stereos, Turntables, Speakers and more.

Our experts will help build your dream HiFi / Home Theater setup!

We offer you what the big box or online outlet can't... An experienced and knowledgeable staff who's goal is to find you the products that best fit your needs!

Just Audio stocks both pre-owned and new products. All of our pre-owned audio comes with a 90 Day Warranty.

Our pre-owned inventory changes daily. You never know what treasures you will find coming to Just Audio!

Looking to upgrade or get something new? Just Audio gives you trade-in credit for your audio equipment.

Vintage Hifi Store Marrantz
Vintage Stereo Store
McIntosh HiFi Store & Repair

A Trip Back in Time

Vintage Stereos

Just Audio carries several makes and models of vintage stereo receivers. Marantz, Pioneer, Kenwood, Sansui, and more are almost regularly represented in our selection!

All purchases come with a 90 Day Warranty!

Brands - Current "New Product" Lines Available at Just Audio

Definitive Technology Maryland Dealer
Definitive Technology Baltimore Dealer
Baltimore Onkyo Dealer
Mark Audio Sota Maryland Dealer
MarkAudioSota Dealer
Baltimore Pioneer Dealer
Maryland Polk Dealer
Baltimore Polk Dealer
Baltimore KEF Dealer
KEF LSX Baltimore
Turntables for sale

Getting back into Vinyl?


Just Audio has the best selection of pre-owned turntables around! Featuring a vast selection of makes and models.

Looking to get that record collection spinning again? We will help you find the perfect turntable for your needs.

Don't forget to clean your records! We have many varieties of record cleaners available.

Need a turntable cartridge we carry some in stock and can special order just about any for you. We are an Ortofon cartridge dealer, and can help find the perfect match for your turntable!

DeOxit Dealer

Cleaning Products

DeOxit by CAIG

Improve the performance and reliability of all electronic equipment when you use DeOxit products by Caig Laboratories 

DeOxit Testimonies

"I have used CAIG products over the last 30 some years. DeOxit D5 Contact Cleaner, DeOxit F5 Fader, and DeOxit Gold Pro Gx3 are all indispensable when servicing older units with dirty or intermittent mechanical switches and controls. DeOxit Gold Pro Gx3 is the only solution for cleaning dirty tube pins that I have found and it will not turn to gunk under the high temperature of the vacuum tube pins. For servicing of electronics these products are indispensable. Thanks CAIG Labs!"

Ron Cornelius - McIntosh Labs

"DeOxit D-Series is an excellent product for removing oxidation and contamination from dirty switches & controls and reducing intermittent contact problems. We have been using CAIG products with great success for over 40 years."



Wires, Cables, Plugs, and more!


Just Audio carries a selection of audio accessories. We stock speaker wire, cables, banana plugs, antennas, and more!

As mentioned above we also carry turntable cartridges, needles, belts, and record cleaner for all you vinyl enthusiasts. We stock certain models but can special order almost anything for you!

Looking for DIY Kits? carries LED Lamp Replacement Kits, Turntable Belts, and Reel to Reel Idler Tires! They will customize you a LED Lamp replacement kit for any vintage audio unit upon request.